Snowy Forest



You will be required to partake in a consultation with me so that I can determine your health history and any current medical conditions that you may be suffering from. A discussion will take place where I will ask you questions to establish what areas of the body you would like me to work on, if there are any conditions needing to be addressed and to determine if massage is appropriate for you. In addition to this I may perform certain assessments and testing to evaluate your condition, and to see if you have any presenting complaints. Your massage will take place in Forest Lodge, a cosy, comfortable and relaxing treatment room.  I will leave the lodge to allow you to get undressed as per instructions and you will lie on a massage couch especially designed for your comfort.  Once you are ready and confortable, your treatment will commence. The treatment itself will take approximately 40 to 50 minutes depending on what was discussed within the consultation.


During therapeutic body massage you will be required to remove your clothing and wear knickers, pants or boxer shorts, so what you wear to and from the treatment does not matter. I do not provide massage therapy treatments for naked clients, either male or female, you must wear either knickers, pants or boxer shorts at all times. For male clients it is slightly preferable to wear pants or short boxer shorts rather than 'longer style' boxers, as this prevents oil getting onto clothing when the upper leg or gluteal muscles are massaged.
Some of the treatments I offer such as seated massage treatments and Indian head massage can be performed fully clothed. Please wear light comfortable clothes for these treatments. You will benefit most from these treatments if you have just one layer of clothing (e.g remove thick jumpers or multiple layers.)
Please remove all jewellery prior to your treatment.


There are very few instances where massage is not recommended and these are known by massage therapists as ‘total contraindications’. For example, total contraindications would include being under the influence of alcohol, suffering from a fever, diarrhoea or vomiting. There are also ‘local contraindications’ which are conditions affecting specific areas of the body that mean you should not be massaged in that area - for example if you have a cut, bruise or abrasion on your foot then you could still have a body massage but the foot would be avoided. Some conditions require medical approval before my insurance allows me to proceed with a massage. For example if you suffer from heart disease, asthma or epilepsy or are undergoing treatment for another medical condition from another specialist you will be required to produce a letter from your GP stating that you are OK to receive massage. The conditions mentioned above are for indication only - before you visit please click here to read my consultation form and if you are concerned that any of the medical conditions apply to you, contact me first to check that the treatment you choose is suitable for you. If you are attending for a pregnancy massage and are having a low risk pregnancy with no complications then I would like you to get verbal consent from your midwife before you attend. If you have any existing health issues or are experiencing any pregnancy complications you will need to gain written consent from your midwife and bring this to your massage therapy appointment.


To ensure that the treatment I give is safe for you, and to keep client records that comply with the terms of my insurance, I gather personal and contact information on my client consultation forms. The data I collect includes name, date of birth, telephone number, email address and postal address. I also collect medical and health information on my consultation form, for example, details of any health conditions you have currently, or historically, and medications you are taking. After a treatment I write brief notes on the consultation form, including which treatment was given and treatment notes, for example which massage oil was used and in which muscles tension was felt. These after treatment notes help me to plan for your next treatment. The information is only kept in paper format and is secured in a locked filing cabinet, to which only I have access. The filing cabinet is located in my treatment room. When I travel to client locations for onsite massage I carry the relevant client consultation forms for that day in a locked carry case to which only I have access and which stays with me during the site visit, either on my person or in a locked treatment room on site. I then return the consultation forms to my main locked filing cabinet at the end of the day. I will use your contact information if I need to contact you about a treatment you have booked (for example to confirm or cancel the appointment). I will use your medical and health information to determine if a treatment I am suggesting to you is safe for you. I will use your aftercare notes to personalise your future treatments. I do not use any of your data for any other purposes. I will not use your information for promotional or marketing purposes and I do not share any of your information with third parties.


Most people feel very relaxed. Some experience freedom from long-term aches and pains developed from tension or repetitive activity. Since toxins are released from your soft tissues during a massage, it is recommended you drink plenty of water following your massage, and avoid eating too much for a couple of hours. I sometimes recommend rest and a hot Epsom salt bath, as this encourages the release of toxins that may have been stirred up from the massage treatment
Any stiffness or pain experienced after a deep tissue massage is a completely normal reaction and should subside within 24-72 hours.


 I find the easiest way to describe the difference is in terms of the objectives of treatment. My holistic treatments are primarily designed with relaxation as the key objective, whereas my deep tissue therapeutic treatments are designed with the relief of tension, or pain, in problem areas as the main objective, and the relaxation felt is a pleasant side effect! Although I adjust pressure to suit you, my holistic treatments tend to utilise lighter and more relaxing strokes and techniques and are likely to include more areas of the body and feel very soothing and tranquil. By contrast, my deep tissue therapeutic treatments aim to specifically target or correct issues in a problem area and utilise deeper more intense massage strokes to relieve tension and knots in much more localised areas. In reality, most of my treatments combine relaxing holistic massage with deeper tissue work in problem areas, so if you are in any doubt about which type of treatment would suit you we can discuss this during your consultation.


Everybody is different when it comes to pressure, some prefer deep tissue massage, whilst others find a soothing gentle massage much more relaxing. What feels right to one client might feel painful for another or too light and ineffective for someone else. I will use a variety of techniques, some working deeper into the muscle tissue than others. Massage should never be painful but you may feel some discomfort if deep tissue techniques are used on tight or overworked and stressed muscles. It is therefore really important that you communicate with me regarding your objectives and pressure preferences and inform me of any pain or discomfort during your treatment. I will never be offended if you ask me to adjust pressure during a session.


You will be given a leaflet to take home explaining how to get the most benefit from your treatment and minimise any side effects. The main advice is to avoid exercise, heavy meals, caffeine and alcohol immediately after your treatment and drink plenty of water to help your body to flush out any waste toxins. Try and keep yourself warm and remain in a quiet state for as long as possible to feel the full benefit of the treatment. I will leave the room and allow you time and privacy to get up slowly and get dressed.


I am a professional massage therapist who has worked with all body shapes and sizes. I am also a mum and have a ‘real’ body of my own! and am alert to any client body confidence issues. I am non-judgemental about your body weight, amount of hair, skin conditions, scars, disabilities, medical conditions, or personal history. Your dignity and modesty will be protected at all times using towels and blankets to comfortably drape your body and protect your modesty.


Your treatment is your valuable time and opportunity to relax. If chatting helps you to relax that is fine, but most clients find they can get most benefit from a treatment by remaining quiet and enjoying the relaxing music and touch. I have been trained not to talk during a treatment and will not be offended if you don’t talk to me. I won’t usually initiate conversation but will follow your lead. You must of course communicate with me during your treatment if you would like me to adjust the pressure or feel any discomfort.